Complete EMS Component Warehousing and Kitting Services

We Manage Your PCB Assembly Needs Start to Ship

State-of-the-art EMS component warehousing and kitting services from Alpha EMS help manage your inventory efficiently while streamlining your costs. As a leading provider of PCB assembly (PCBA) for a variety of companies in the Silicon Valley, we have the expertise to handle your entire project from start to finish.

Our complete kitting services include:

  • Ordering products from vendors
  • Providing incoming inspection of components
  • Storing the components for orders from clients
  • Assembling the kits and issue to the assembly line services based on orders and agreed upon cycle times with the client

We have advanced fulfillment capabilities and a well-defined mapping process with built-in quality checks. This ensures accuracy and efficiency of the entire EMS component warehousing and kitting process.

Talk to us about how we can help manage your most complex and time-sensitive requests.

EMS Warehousing and Kitting Services from a Certified PCB Assembly Company

AlphaEMS is ITAR compliant registered as well as ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-13485 certified. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we can handle every aspect of their electronic PCB assembly, and that our service meets the highest standards of quality.

The highlights of our EMS component warehousing and kitting service are:

  • Secured facility: Individual components to be used for later manufacturing as well as completed products intended for later shipment to customer are stored in a locked facility which is ESD protected.
  • Restricted access: Only authorized personnel are allowed in this limited-access area to ensure the complete safety and security of your inventory.
  • Built-in checks: Tried and test PCB material purchasing, warehousing and kitting processes including cycle counts
  • Customized service: We are fully equipped to deal with your time and weather-sensitive inventories. Moisture sensitive components, such as electronics, coatings, boards, and even completed assemblies, for instance can be treated or reconditioned through drying cycles. This helps maintain their limited moisture content.

Our world-class PCA facility, conveniently located near major airports in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco serves a wide range of clients. We have clients across the medical devices, high-end industrial, industrial pc, military, mobile/wireless, networking and semiconductor equipment manufacturing industries.

Ask our EMS warehousing and kitting experts how to streamline your go-to-market cycle for enhanced returns.

Call us at 510-498-8788 to learn more or inquire online about our EMS warehousing and kitting services.


EMS Component Warehousing and Kitting Services

EMS Component Warehousing and Kitting Services

EMS Component Warehousing and Kitting Services