System level assembly

Box build and system level integration are supplemental offerings provided to our customers as part of a complete solution. We do not offer these capabilities as stand-alone services, but rather as a component of the whole product solution? Our expertise is in process and automation and our value is highest for those products where the product mission resides primarily within the PCA. Whether it’s a series of 122 complex SSD cards integrated into a chassis, with 48hour run in, registry validation, custom configuration and direct ship to the end customer, a mobile device enclosed in a plastic shell and then on to final packaging for direct fulfillment, a RF antenna requiring Anechoic Chamber tuning, or an automotive telematics device requiring conformal coating, we provide the right solution.


Extensive system run in facilities for complex data center hardware

Anechoic Testing

The EMC Directive 89/336/EEC mandates that all electronic equipment must comply with the applicable EN specification for EMI. The EMI spectrum is a limited natural resource that must be maintained to allow reliable radio frequency communications. The successful regulation of EMI interference will allow future electronic devices to operate as defined, in the intended environment, without disrupting the performance of other equipment. To effectively conduct these sensitive EMI leakage tests, the test environment must be free from spurious EMS/RFI interference. The Anechoic chamber provides that neutral and stable test environment.