It is unusual for EMS companies to offer the level of flexibility in the supply chain that Alpha offers. Over the past several years, technology improvements have led to more visibility and continuity of material pricing. Component manufacturers have worked with both distributors and customers for Franchise pricing and over the next few years the industry will be moving more to a manufacturing as a service model. By offering our customers supply chain options we can lower their costs and at the same time reduce our risk by allowing customers to select the supply chain model that most suits their needs.

Customers supply the kit of material and Alpha returns unused material.

Alpha managed consignment
Customers supply the material as both stock and kits and Alpha maintains inventory status and provides customers a material requirements list for new builds.

Customer and Alpha jointly produce a manufacturing services agreement and Alpha buys and manages all materials.

Vendor Managed Inventory
Distributors and Component Suppliers maintain inventory stores inside of Alpha. Alpha pulls material as needed in combination with a Turn Key program or consignment program as needed for specified.

Consigned/Turn-Key Hybrid
A combination of all the above.