For our production customers, we support quick turn prototypes, with the flexibility of an out of systems process-process, where time is critical and frequent changes in real time may be required throughout the actual build. In this environment, 24 hours can be critical to our customers. This entire process is frequently managed via excel and peer to peer communications. Often our customers work with us side by side in our facility.

For those customers transitioning from proto to pre-production, we employ a thorough gated NPI process. During this phase, we structure the product formally within our proprietary MES system, AQTrax, with recipes, work, and routing instructions. We then complete the item master in the MRP and solidify the supply chain with a part availability and obsolescence review, design production tooling and fixtures, and complete a final high-level DFM. Once the product has been run through NPI it is production ready with all specs and recipes.