We view opportunities a bit differently than most EMS companies. While most focus on markets such as Industrial, Medical, Mil Aero, Networking, etc., we focus on products that fit our operating profile, regardless of the industry or market application.

We specialize in products supporting mission critical computing and communications. These products run the spectrum from data security encryption, storage, computational acceleration, to high performance network and wireless broadband solutions. Additionally, we have developed extensive expertise in high end smart mobile devices and platforms, supporting telematics, measurement, tracking, and control environments, embracing the IoT, GPS, and RF, including flex and rigid flex technologies. We also build products for automotive and defense applications.

Although quite different in size and complexity, these products all share the need for sophisticated process expertise and automation leverage. Quality must be derived from the initial process and cannot be inspected and reworked in. The repair of a process error through touchup or rework can induce the likelihood of premature field failures leading to a decline in the product’s MTBF.