AlphaEMS announced today that it has completed the process for ISO 14001 environmental management certification. 

Press Release:

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2013Fremont-based printed circuit board

AlphaEMS, a Fremont-based printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping and electronic assembly services firm, announced today that it has completed the process for ISO 14001 environmental management certification. The program features a family of standards that has been created to help companies monitor how successfully their operations and processes work to minimize adverse changes to air, water, and land, in the course of producing their product(s).

AlphaEMS CEO Eric Chang says “In addition to providing benefits to the environment, there are a number of very tangible benefits to a company – such as AlphaEMS – of using the ISO system.”

These can include:

  •     Reduced cost of waste management
  •     Reduced distribution costs
  •     Savings in energy and materials use
  •     Enhanced company image with both stakeholders (including environmentalists, eco-efficiency champions, auditors, and regulators), and the public

 In addition to promoting “more effective and efficient environmental management,” the standard has been set up, according to the International Standards Organization (ISO) “to provide useful and usable tools – ones that are cost-effective, system-based, flexible, and reflect the best organizations and the best organizational practices available for gathering, interpreting, and communicating environmentally relevant information.”

Chang said the system reflects a companywide change, requiring everyone’s involvement. He proudly notes that the change has been positively received by the company’s employees. He also believes AlphaEMS’s commitment to improving the environment will help the company attract like-minded customers — and having recently announced the expansion of its physical plant, the company is well positioned to handle that growth.