Flexible Printed Circuit Board Assembly

AlphaEMS provides a variety of flexible PCB assembly solutions for the latest in printed circuit board technologies. We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and deliver premier quality to our design engineer customers using our high-tech flexible PCB assembly facility located in Fremont, California.

Flexible PCBs are widely used in everyday electronics such as portable electronic devices and small/miniature devices where weight reduction and maximum use of 3D spaces is required. Common applications for flexible PCBs include consumer electronics, medical, industrial, aerospace, military and transportation electronics.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Benefits

  • Increased system reliability
  • Flexible PCB assembly error reduction
  • PCB assembly cost reduction
  • Decreased assembly time
  • Reduction of package size and conforming to space constraints

Whether it’s flexible PCB prototyping, low-volume flexible PCB assembly or medium flexible printed circuit board run manufacturing, AlphaEMS is your trusted partner to help you plan, acquire the proper flexible PCB components and assemble your final flexible PCB product line.

Contact us today to lean how we can meet your flexible PCB assembly requirements.