As we mentioned earlier, most reputable EMS companies have good equipment and some better than others. The real benefits for our customers and the real differentiation is not in equipment, but in the way the processes are developed, structured, and followed, and the way the equipment is managed. The same can be said for MES systems and data. Most EMS companies have some record of their process performance and a mechanism for controlling manufacturing instructions. However, it is not the data that is collected which is important, but rather the way the data is aggregated, accessed, manipulated, interpreted and utilized to enforce control and drive improvement. We use data in two ways. First, we collect data in real time and respond to that data to ensure processes are under control. Second, we aggregate the data and drive policy and initiatives as a result of this data analysis. Our proprietary MES system AQ Trax allows us almost limitless access to trends, machine performance, individual performance, process review, product review, component review across multiple customers and by product etc.. Data drives every decision we make.