AlphaEMS is a Fremont-based provider of contract manufacturing services specializing in turnkey printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping and low-to-medium manufacturing runs. We offer rigid, rigid-flex and multilayer PCB contract manufacturing services for medical, industrial, military, mobile/wireless, networking and semi equipment components.

Contract manufacturer services include material purchasing, kitting, assembly and quality inspection

Our contract manufacturing services includes:

  • Turnkey material purchasing, kitting and assembly contract manufacturing services: we are your one-stop shop for your outsourced PCB contract manufacturing material management services.
  • Order management, shipping and warehousing: we work with all PCB suppliers from distributors to direct manufacturers and qualified brokers to make your contract manufacturing service a smooth project.
  • Contract manufacturing assembly services: we offer PCB assembly of single or multi-layer flexible or rigid circuit boards; leverage an expert team to complete your project and gain economies of scale that a large, dedicated contract manufacturing service provider can deliver.
  • Quality inspection and testing: full line of electronic contract manufacturing service equipment that includes Nicolet x-ray, Agilent 5DX, Yes tech, Mirtec AOI machine and Takaya flying probe tester

Modern contract manufacturing services facility with state-of-the-art equipment

Our contract manufacturing service facility houses modern equipment with sophisticated, custom data collection systems. For example:

  • We have invested in automated PCB separator equipment, adding precision and accuracy to your project that manual methods cannot deliver.
  • We offer selective soldering and wave soldering process depending on custom design and layout aspects, ensuring perfect solder joints for your products.

Located near San Jose, California, we are convenient for Silicon Valley companies and also near three major airports for our national clients.

Call us at (510) 498-9788 to learn about our electronic contract manufacturing services.