Product Development

Full Valor, layer by layer DFM including violation assessment and optimization, quick turn peer to peer prototyping, and production ready gated NPI processes including all specs and recipes.

PCBA Manufacturing

Extensive and precise process development utilizing copy exact screen printing and reflow across all lines for consistency and flexibility.

Box build and Systems integration

From a simple plastic housing around a small PCBA with final pack-out, to a complex 122 board system integration with full functional testing and custom configuration, we own it.


From build, pack, and go on pallets, ship from inventory, to complex systems requiring one off configuration management and shipment directly to the customer, we provide the right solution.

Repair and Refurbishment

Whether it’s a small product warranty replacement or a complex system returned for an upgrade we take care of that for you.

Data Driven

We aggregate, manipulate, interpret, and utilize data to enforce control and drive improvement. While data is critical to self-assessment and improvement, if it doesn’t translate into value for our customers, it is a waste of time.